Homasi gets the W over Abdullah in hard fought co-main event fight

Southgate, MI- The co-main event of WXC 74: Allegiance was a 185 bout between Sabah Homasi and Muhammad Abdullah. Homasi hit a big left on Abdullah after a leg kick to open the fight. Homasi then forced a clinch after he stunned Abdullah. Homasi hit two more leg kicks after the break from the clinch. Abdullah re-engaged the clinch as Homasi turned off and put Abdullah on the fence.

They finally broke from the clinch as Homasi had bloody up the mouth and nose of Abdullah. Homasi hit another left as he forced another clinch but it didn’t last long. Homasi hit another leg kick on Abdullah. Homasi then went in for a take down but Abdullah hit a whizzer. Homasi adjusted to it and hit the high crotch take down to end round one.

Abdullah opened with a leg kick before landing some big hooks to start round two. Abdullah than tried for a take down but Homasi stuffed it and tried for one of his own, which he got. Homasi was then on top in the guard. Abdullah tried to get out but Homasi took his back. Abdullah worked out from that position and tried to throw but Homasi countered with a right, and was then all over Abdullah with knees and elbows.

Homasi then tries for a take down but Abdullah was able to stay standing and keep the clinch. They broke and Homasi landed some body kicks as the second round ended.

They both start swinging to start round three and Abdullah started to turn the tide in his favor with a variety of punches and kicks. Abdullah hit some knees as they clinched but Abdullah was still swinging before Homasi hit a take down. Abdullah hit a sweep and was then on top in half guard.

Abdullah was landing some big shots to the head with punches and elbows from half guard. Homasi tried to push off put Abdullah pushed him right back to the mat. Homasi got back to his feet as they circled each other in the closing minute as Abdullah hit a big right that lead to a clinch. The break and then Homasi landed a huge left just before the round ends. A truly amazing round and fight by these two warriors.

Our co-main event goes to the judges score cards. Officially Sabah Homasi wins by unanimous decision over Muhammad Abdullah, 29-28 on all three score cards. Homasi improves to (12-8) and Abdullah falls to (10-5). For the rest of the results from WXC 74, click here.

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