‘Hitman’ Humphrey takes out Winston

Southgate, MI- The fourth fight of the evening saw WXC veteran Darryol Humphrey take on WXC newcomer Daniel Winston. The bout was contested at 145 lbs.

Humphrey first to engage but Winston dodges the blows. Then Winston hits two leg kicks but Humphrey catches the second one and hits some hammer fists before Winston gets back to his feet. They go at distance before Winston tries for a take down.

Take down fails as Humphrey reverses the position then breaks away with a elbow. At range Humphrey hits a right but lets Winston up. Then a BOMB from Humphrey and this one is ALL OVER!

Officially Darryol ‘Hitman’ Humphrey wins by KO at 1:53 of Round 1 over Daniel Winston. For the full results from Warrior Wednesday X, click here.

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