Hadribeaj stops McIntosh with the body kick

Southgate, MI- Ermal Hadribeaj fought Ryan McIntosh at 155lbs. in the co-main event for Warrior Wednesday V. McIntosh took the fight on two weeks notice for Konnor Kuppe.

McIntosh with some kicks to start but they missed. Hadribeaj forced a clinch as they traded knees. They where then fighting for position all over the cage. Hadribeaj hit a nice body shot as they continued to clinch.

They continued to battle in the clinch as McIntosh attempted a throw from the clinch but Hadribeaj used a whizzer to stop the take down. Ref broke them up as McIntosh went high on a few kicks then Hadribeaj returned with a huge body kick. McIntosh backed up then dropped down to a knee.

McIntosh winced in pain and this one is all over!!! What a kick by Hadribeaj to get the finish over a tough veteran in McIntosh. Officially Ermal Hadribeaj wins by tapout due to strikes over Ryan McIntosh at 3:12 of Round 1. For the full results from Warrior Wednesday V, click here.

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