Gillmore outpoints Stargel for UD win

Gillmore with leg kicks to start. Then the left by Stargel. More leg kicks by Gillmore as Stargel just misses with a big left. Big combos by both then more leg kicks by Gillmore. Body kick by Gillmore that Stargel uses for a take down attempt.

Stargel then goes around and takes the back up against the cage but Gillmore is keeping a hook in then turns in to try a take down of his own. Stargel stuffs it then they were in the clinch briefly before they break. Leg kick by Gillmore then a 1-2 by Stagel. We now head to a round 2 for just the second time tonight.

More leg kicks for Gillmore then a nice jab by Stagel then a right by Stagel. Uppercut lands for Stargel. Gillmore with another leg kick to the inside then back to the outside. Gillmore just keeps touching the leg with a variety of kicks.

A straight left stuns Gillmore momentarily as Gillmore drops Stargel to a knee with a sweeping low kick. Stargel bounces back up quick but Gillmore continues the assault on Stargel’s lead leg. Low kick to straight right combo for Gillmore.

Stargel catches a kick and tries for a take down but the round ends before he come try to finish the position.

Round three starts with another leg kick but Stargel tries to counter it with a take down attempt. Gillmore switches the position and now works for a take down of his own. Stargel hits a switch on the Gillmore level change and hits a knee then left to the head.

Gillmore with a left hook then another low kick. Then another low kick by Gillmore then Stargel hits a body kick. Gillmore is really hurting that lead leg as Stargel is limping as rushes forward into a clinch.

Gillmore turns Stargel around and now has him up against the fence. Gillmore working for a double leg but can’t get it as the final horn. We head to the judges score cards for the first time tonight.

Officially Michael Gillmore defeats Perry Stargel by Unanimous decision (30-27 x3). For the full results of Warrior Wednesday 11 click here.

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