Frost edges Muniz for first pro victory

Southgate, MI- Francisco Muniz made his second appearance inside the WXC steel against Will Frost. Frost was making his pro debut and the fight was contested at a catch-weight of 150 lbs.

Frost with some punches in close as Muniz worked for a take down. Frost stopped the attempt then worked for one of his own up against the cage. Frost tried once then twice and got the lift and the take down. Muniz tried for an arm bar but Frost was stacking him.

Frost worked his way out of the arm bar and then Muinz tried for a triangle choke. Frost was posturing back and was safe for the moment. Muniz tried to get the head of Frost closer but Frost eventually got out.

Muniz threw up for another arm bar but Frost was able to get out of that attempt too. Frost still worked on top in guard but wasn’t getting much offense right now. Muniz tried another triangle but the round ended.

Good jab and leg kick by Frost then a good right. Frost then went for a take down and got it up against the fence. Frost now worked from full guard as Muniz went for another arm bar. Frost worked out then got into half guard.

Frost hit a few shots then Muniz rolled for a leg entanglement and worked for a heel hook. Muniz couldn’t quite get the angle then Frost tried to scramble out but Muniz took mount. Frost bucked out but Muniz slapped on a triangle choke.

Muniz couldn’t get the choke and Frost was then on top. Muniz created a scramble and tried to roll through a submission but then got the mount. Frost then tried to roll out but Muniz took the back. Round two ended before Muniz could really work the position.

Frost with a right then a body kick followed by a one two. Then a body shot by Frost. Muniz rushed for a take down and Frost moved out of the way. Right by Frost then again as Muniz was trying to get on the inside.

Muniz finally did then hit a take down from the clinch. He finished on top in side control then moved into the mount. Frost tried to spin out and gave up his back. Muniz went for a rear-naked choke and it was tight.

Muniz was still working for the choke but Frost finally got his head out and is trued to spin out and get on top. Frost did and was now in full guard. Muniz tried for a kimura but Scott worked out then stood up. Big punches by Frost as this thing headed to the judges score cards as round three ended.

Officially Will Frost defeats Francisco Muniz by unanimous decision (30-27 x3) to win his first MMA fight. For the full results of Warrior Wednesday VIII, click here.

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