Fischer outpaces Wick for a unanimous decision win

Southgate, MI- In a 155 lbs bout, Josh ‘The White Mamba‘ Wick (10-4) vs Jason Fischer happened in the main event of the evening. Fischer started with some kicks but Wick moved out of the way. Wick tried a two piece counter but Fischer landed a body kick then a brief clinch. Wick got a leg kick in then hit a counter hook. Fischer hit a nice leg kick then a head kick attempt. Wick landed two leg kicks of his own.

Nice jab by Wick then a one two followed by a leg kick. Fischer got in another high kick to counter. Nice left hooks by Fischer then a right which seemed to stun Wick. Fischer hit a knee in a brief clinch before landing another right. Wick missed on a spinning shot which Fischer countered with a leg kick. Fischer then hit a two piece combo and a elbow in the clinch as round one ended.

Wick landed a big right to start the round. Fischer continued to throw a lot of kicks and got a straight right through. Wick hit a counter hook then a double jab. Left by Fischer landed then a shot to the body by Wick followed by a one two combo.

Fischer just missed a right then a head kick as Wick hit a calf kick. Then another off a Fischer jab. Fischer hit a head kick with his foot then a calf kick right combo from Wick. Then a Fischer spin kick lands to the body. Fischer hit another head kick as Wick landed a right. Round two ended in the clinch after both attempted some punches.

Jab by Fischer then body kick by Wick. Fischer gets a body kick in. Then goes up high with a kick. Fischer fakes a front kick then lands a one two combination. Now in the clinch but Wick gets out. More kicks by Wick then Fischer hits a jab. Fischer pushes for another clinch.

In the clinch with Wick up against the fence. Fischer exited with a right on the way out. Some combinations by both but then a big right by Wick. Fisher hit a left then Wick shot for a take down which Fischer stuffed with a front choke. Wick tried for an arm bar.

Fischer got out then moved to north south. Wick spun and then Fischer was on top in turtle. Wick tried to roll for a leg but Fischer flattened him to get into half guard. Round ended with Fischer throwing huge elbows to the head. What a fight!

Officially Jason Fischer wins by unanimous decision (30-27 x3) over Josh Wick. Fischer improves to (14-4) and Wick falls to (10-5). For full results on Warrior Wednesday II, click here.

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