Cutler wins in dominate fashion over Barchinaya

Southgate, MI- Cutler opened up with a front kick then a leg kick by Barchinaya. Cutler then hit a blast double and took Barchinaya down. Cutler worked for the back and was going for a neck crank. Barchinaya got out but Cutler then moved into the mount.

Barchinaya was trying a hip escape but Cutler shut that down. Cutler had her flattened out and was working for a submission. Cutler postured up to land some punches but Cutler was high in the mount now.

Cutler had the s-mount and tried to roll into a triangle but was then in a gogoplata but Barchinaya was holding on tough. Cutler moved more into a triangle choke but couldn’t seem to get the finish. Barchinaya survived and will see a second round.

Round 2 began with Barchinaya hitting a right hand before Cutler hit another take down. Cutler got side control and started to land big shots to the head. Cutler was then in mount trying to land big damage.

Cutler was doing a good job of controlling the position and not allowing Barchinaya to push or buck out. Big elbow by Cutler who is being patient on top. More elbows from Cutler as she is trying to isolate an arm. Barchinaya tried to turn but Cutler takes the back.

She lost the back but went back to mount. Cutler then moved her hips for an arm bar but the round ended before she can get Barchinaya’s arm free.

Cutler hit a big front kick to the face of Barchinaya. Cutler hit another take down off a good level change. Cutler was trying to break the guard by using her knee to wedge and pass. Barchinaya got Cutler back to full guard.

The ref stands them up as Cutler wasn’t doing enough work. Barchinaya was letting lose but Cutler has enough on the feet and took her back down. Cutler was then in half guard trying to pass. Cutler had her arm pinned and was throwing down some punches as this one is over. We head to the judges score cards as the final horn sounds.

Officially Calie Cutler defeats Barchinaya by unanimous decision (30-25 x2, 30-26) in our first women’s MMA fight for our Warrior Wednesday series. For the full results on Warrior Wednesday IV, click here.

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