WXC champs Jaynes and Ivy join UFC ranks

Detroit, MI- WXC is proud that two of its current champions have been recently signed to the UFC. WXC Welterweight champion Anthony ‘Aquaman’ Ivy made his debut on June 13th. Double champion (Featherweight & Lightweight) Justin Jaynes made his UFC debut a week later on June 20th. Ivy and Jaynes join Bobby Moffett, Khaos Williams and Dequan Townsend who have …

Watch Abdullah vs Homasi from WXC 74

🔥FIGHT PREMIERE🔥WXC 74 Nov. 11, 2018 – Crystal Gardens, Southgate, MI(10-4) Muhammed Abdullah took on (11-8) Sabah Homasi in three rounds highlighting skill and conditioning. From first round blood, to second round bombs, and a third round war of attrition that provides excitement until the very end. Management@wxcmail.com for advertising information.

Watch episode 2 of WXC Evolution

Need some excitement tonight?💥WXC has you covered.💥Watch above for 3 of the best handpicked fights from the last year!1- Sherman Lovely Vs Ceri Rigles2- Travis Karppinen Vs Mickey Marsack3- Josh Wick Vs Jason Fischer 👀Management@wxcmail.com for advertising information.