Brown with TKO finish in WXC debut over Tweedy

Southgate, MI- The main event of the evening was a catch-weight bout at 165 lbs. This fight was between Austin Tweedy and Chris Brown. Brown filled in on a week’s notice to take on Tweedy. Filling in for an injured Thai Clark.

Headkick by Tweedy then another as Brown hit a right hand then a head kick of his own. Then a right by Brown with another right behind it. Spinning back fist by Tweedy. High kick by Tweedy then Brown goes as they trade some hooks. These guys were throwing fast, hard and often.

Brown forced a clinch then Tweedy tried to roll out then Brown backs away. Brown then threw a jab then front kick by both then Brown with two head kicks that land. Tweedy then with a right then Brown dropped Tweedy with a big knee.

Brown landed some big shots on the ground as Tweedy was still moving around trying to stay in the fight. Brown let him back up then unloaded some more punches and the ref steps in and stops this one!

Officially Chris ‘Breezy’ Brown defeats Austin Tweedy by TKO at 3:46 of Round 1. For full results from Warrior Wednesday IX click here.

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