Brown comes out on top at WXC 69 after 3 round war

Southgate, MI– Early in the first round, Brown was aggressive on the feet and really pushing the pace. Visel was content on countering and landed several shots before Brown took the fight to the ground. Submission attempts were thrown on both sides before Visel was able to reverse on get on top. Brown got back to his feet and and landed a few nice punches before the first round ended.

Round two saw Brown land another take down after both had their moments on the feet. A triangle choke was thrown up by Visel but Brown was able to get out easily. After that, Visel defended from the guard well and got the fight back to standing. That lasted for a bit before Brown exploded for a power double leg. He ended round two on top of Visel.

Much like round two, Brown went for a take down really early and put Visel on his back. Visel tries for a triangle again and Brown gets out of it and moves to north/south. Visel grabs for a kimura which he turns into a sweep to get on top of Brown. Visel then moves into mount after Brown tried to spin and get out from under ‘The Titan.’ Visel lands some big shots to the head of Brown in mount Brown reverses and gets to side control. Visel moves and gets back to his feet. Brown hears the 10 second clapper and starts throwing some uppercuts to end the round.

To the scores card this fight went, with Brown getting a unanimous decision victory. The scores were 29-28 on all three cards. Brown looks to fight anyone at 155 or 145 the WXC has to offer, said the Bushido MMA product in the post-fight interview. Brown improves to (5-2) and with the loss Visel is (5-2) as well. Checkout the other fight results from WXC 69: Illuminate by clicking here.

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