Brooks submits Altamirano in WXC debut

Southgate, MI- The co-main event of the evening was contested at 125 lbs. as ‘The Monkey God’ Jarred Brooks took Victor Altamirano. Both fighters were making there debut inside the WXC steel.

Brooks moved in fast with a one two then a take down. He got top position in full guard. Brooks was working to pass and hit some elbows on the inside. Brooks was staying real busy on top hitting a variety of punches and elbows inside the full guard.

Brooks continued to work inside the full guard. Altamirano had hit some shots from the bottom but Brooks was staying real busy with his ground and pound. Brooks postured but seemed content to stay inside the full guard of Altamirano.

Body shots by Brooks but Altamirano was holding onto to guard very tight. Not allowing Brooks much of a chance to pass. More elbows from Brooks as the first round ended.

Body kick lands for Altamirano but Brooks hit another take down as round two started. Altamirano almost hit a sweep but Brooks was able to stay on top. Hammer fists by Brooks as he was trying to pass. Altamirano hit some shots to the body then head from his back.

Brooks finally got postured up to pass but then lets Altamirano up. Brooks then goes back in for a take down and got it. Brooks was holding half guard to stay on top as Altamirano was trying to wall walk up to his feet. Brooks then got mount.

Brooks fought off a sweep attempt by Altamirano and then got the back of him instead. He was then working for a choke and got the tap! Officially Jarred Brooks defeats Victor Altamirano by Submission (rear-naked choke) at 4:19 of Round 2. For the full results of Warrior Wednesday VIII, click here.

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