Brink lands a triangle choke in the third to beat Smith

Southgate, MI- A 160 lbs. catch-weight bout between Ryse Brink and Aaron Smith took place at WXC 72: Inferno as part of the professional card. Brink opened up the fight with a few kicks before Smith landed a take down. In guard Brink tried to get a triangle choke. Smith postured up to get out and maintained guard. Brink tried a little rubber guard and then got back up to his feet.

Brink then got his own take down and then took the back of Smith. Brink worked for a choke but was able to spin out of it and got to his feet. Smith forced a clinch but landed a few blows near the spine of Brink. A brief stoppage in the action from ref Vance Swerden. He ended up taking a point away from the illegal blow as they resume the action. Smith got another take down as he put Brink into the cage.

Brink rolled for an armbar, came close to getting it as Smith spun out. Brink transitioned to an omaplata. Brink couldn’t hold the hip and Smith stood up to get out and but ate an up-kick. Smith collapsed back on top of Brink and got a few punches in before round one ends. Smith got another take down as round two began. Smith tried to pass but Brink was doing a good job of keeping Smith in his guard.

Smith got to half guard and tried to smash pass to side control but Brink got his legs back in to maintain guard. Smith then stands up and tried to pass but got a big punch in as he dove back into the guard. Brink then exploded out and up and got on top in guard himself. Smith hit a sweep and got to his feet as the round ends.

Smith hit a great take down off a level change from a missed overhand by Brink. Smith wound up back in the guard of Brink. Brink then threw up his legs to get a triangle choke. Smith tried to get out but has to tap. Officially Ryse Brink wins by submission via triangle choke at 0:58 of round three over Aaron Smith. Ryse Brink improves his record to (5-2) and Aaron Smith falls to (3-2). For a complete list of results for WXC 72: Inferno click here.

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