Blassingame gets by Gathings with TKO

Leg kick by Blassingame then a high by Gathings then a shot by Gathings that Blassingame stuffs and turns into a take down of his own. Blassingame now works on top in full guard. Blassingame not able to get much offense off so far as Gathings is tying him up.

Gathings uses his long legs to warm around Blassingame for a traianlge choke attempt. Blassingame is hanging tough but Gathings still has legs all wrapped around him. Blassingame almost got out but Gathings re-adjusts to keep the hold.

Blassingame keeps enough space in the choke to stay in the fight and just before the round ends gets out of the choke as Gathings tried briefly at an arm bar.

Gathings tried on a leg entry but Blassingame was able to spin out and get into half guard on top. Blassingame has the bottom arm trapped keeping Gathings from trying any sweeps. Blassingame pounding away now with short elbows.

Gathings finally gets the trapped arm back but Gathings is still eating a lot of shots and the ref has seen enough and stopped this one by TKO!

Officially Antoine Blassingame defeats Isaiah Gathings by TKO (elbows to the head on the ground) at 3:11 of Round 2. For the full results of Warrior Wednesday 11 click here.

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