Black comes back to KO Parrish in the third round

Southgate, MI- A welterweight bout between Willis Black and Dustin Parrish took place at WXC 72: Inferno as part of the professional card. Round one started with Parrish trying for a head kick which got partially blocked. Black got a one two combo off before Parrish shot for a double leg. Parrish finished the take down and got the back of Black. Black tried to spin out but Parrish got the mount. Black avoided most of the damage by controlling the wrists but Parrish continued to ride on top and land little hammer fists.

Parrish got the body triangle in on the mount but Black was doing a good job of not taking big shots. Round one ended with Parrish on top with the back mount. Round two began with Black landing a nice one two before Parrish dropped for a take down. Black stuffed it and turned it around to take the back, while he started to throw with hammer fists. Parrish got guard and rolled for a sweep but ate a few more hammer fists.

In a scramble their legs got tangled up and Parrish tried for a knee bar then a heel hook but was unsuccessful. However, Parrish was able to use the submissions to get control of the back of Black. Parrish worked for the rear-naked choke but Black fought out of it. Parrish got the body lock as Black once again controlled the wrists well to slow down the offense of Parrish.

Parrish ended the second round being on top in back control. Just as the third round started, Black landed a big flurry on Parrish then stuffed a take down. Black let Parrish up and stuffed another one of his take downs. Parrish tried for a third take down and is stuffed again. A fourth take down by Parrish is met with a big right that drops him.

Black went in for the kill and got the stoppage after a few vicious hammer fists. Officially Willis Black wins by KO at 1:14 of round three over Dustin Parrish. Willis Black improves his record to (4-2) and Dustin Parrish falls to (6-3-1). For a complete list of results for WXC 72: Inferno click here.

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