Berry triangles his way to a win at WXC 75

Southgate, MI- Ramirez landed nice punching combinations early. Berry had landed a few body kicks and knees on Ramirez. One of the knees is caught by Ramirez who threw him down hard. Ramirez let him back up.

Back on the feet Berry tried for another knee but this time Ramirez used it to get it to the ground. Ramirez got out of an armbar and a triangle attempt by Berry.

Berry went for another triangle choke and lock it in tight. Berry used some elbows and squeezed the choke tighter. Ramirez tried to stack and pressure to get out of the submission but ended up passing out and the ref stopped this one by submission!

Officially Dan Berry defeats Eric Ramirez by Submission at 2:24 of Round 1 (Triangle choke) at WXC 75. Berry is now (3-1) and Ramirez falls to (3-3).

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