Beard out works Haskell for a Unanimous decision win

Southgate, MI- Beard landed a left hook to start then a huge slam take down. He then worked from the top in turtle before he flattened Haskell out in side control. Beard went for north south but Haskell was able to get his knee in to stop the transition.

Haskell worked his way back to the front headlock position but Beard dropped guard for a guillotine. Haskell popped his head out and landed a few shots before letting Beard up. Immediately Beard took him back down and moved quickly into a mount. Round 1 ended with Beard trying to move for a submission on Haskell from mount.

Both guys tried to land some punches but they are missing until Beard landed a big overhand to take down combination. Beard went right into side control after the take down then the mount. Haskell threw some knees to try and escape but Beard was controlling the position well.

Beard tried to land an americana but Haskell got out but landed an illegal elbow as part of the escape and got a point taken away. They re-set in side control as Haskell got out but Beard was all over him up against the cage as round 2 ends.

Beard landed a jab then Haskell with a leg kick. Beard hit a front kick then Haskell just missed a spinning back kick. Haskell with a right and then dodged the return from Beard. Then Beard hit a big right.

Beard hit two big shots then Haskell slipped on a spinning back kick which Beard pounces on. They are on the ground as Beard tried to land some shots but the round ends. We headed to the judges score cards.

Officially Ramsey Beard defeats Samuel Haskins by unanimous decision (30-26 x3). For the full results on Warrior Wednesday IV, click here. You can also watch the full fight replay by clicking here.

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