Bazzi chokes Smith for co-main event victory

Southgate, MI- The co-main event of the evening was in the flyweight ranks as Josh Smith took on Jesse Bazzi.

Big chopping leg kick by Smith but Bazzi popped back up. Then Bazzi hit a jab as Smith landed a take down. Bazzi tried to use the butterfly guard to sweep Smith but used it to get up instead then hit a right. Bazzi with a low kick then a left.

Bazzi hit a low kick then a body kick. Smith tried for another take down and got it. He then worked in full guard as Bazzi controlled his head. Smith got in a few shots before trying for a choke. Bazzi then tried to scramble out but Smith took his back.

Smith then tried to flatten Bazzi out from the back mount but Bazzi rolled back to his hip. Smith lost a hook but continued to hold onto the position as the first round ended.

Smith opened with a leg kick then they both traded big punches as Smith tried for another take down. Then Bazzi jumped for a guillotine and got the tap! Officially Jesse Bazzi defeats Josh Smith by guillotine choke at 0:34 of Round 2. For the full results of Warrior Wednesday VI, click here. 

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