Anglin finishes Frost in stand-up battle at WW11

Leg kick by Frost then a body kick. Frost charges forward and hits a right then some low kicks by Anglin. Anglin rushed forward with a leaping attack but Frost tried to take him down but Anglin stuffed it. High kick by Anglin then big shots by Will Frost.

Jab by Frost then a miss by Frost then Anglin just misses on a high kick. Frost with a nice straight off a level change. Kick misses for Anglin then a right by Frost. Jab by Frost then a low kick by Anglin. Left hook by Frost then Anglin missed on a ankle pick.

Anglin stuns Frost with a straight then rushed in. Frost hung tough and circled out after eating some shots. Anglin hit another straight as Frost hits a counter hook as the first round ends.

Low kick by Frost then one by Anglin. Left hook by Anglin then a right one. Frost being chased by Anglin who then levels Frost with a HUGE right and this one is over!!!

Officially Collin Anglin defeats Will Frost by KO (Straight right to the head) at 1:36 of Round 2. For the full results of Warrior Wednesday 11 click here.

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